Poll: What furnishings do you want to see in game?

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  • Beds
  • Multi-block sofas
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Lamps and chandeliers
  • Carpets
  • Cabinets, nightstands, dressers (cosmetic nonfunctional)
  • Fireplaces
  • Sinks
  • Ovens
  • Shower/Baths
  • Toilets (hey, it’s part of a house)
  • Oort powered TVs and radios
  • New tables
  • Table settings (dishes and silverware)
  • New chairs
  • Window frames (without glass)
  • Window shutters
  • Banisters (railings for ramps and stairs)
  • Larger doors

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How am I supposed to take this poll seriously without a bookshelf option? :joy:

Also: Canopies:

And this thing here is amazing:


I’m very happy for any, but beds are at the top of my list. House isn’t quite a home without a bed! :slight_smile:


I would take any at all, as long as they are interactive!


Does a coffin count as a bed? :thinking:


all the choices are good


Basically if Minyi can make it, just put it in the game. Idc if there’s boundary clipping.

Been a Minyi fan ever since I saw this post actually. Haha


Selected everything, sorry. that wasnt very helpful was it :joy:


Maybe an eternal bed…


More in general for furnishing is good. Bed is probably top of my list, bookshelves (and a way to write books to store on them too :wink: ) would be second. A weapon rack would be pretty cool too.

I’m a fan of the TVs/radios but that option wasn’t as popular and thats ok. Oh, another likely to be unpopular one how about a crystal ball? idk, lol just throwing out ideas.


Ooh crystal ball would be great
Also maybe a display shelf or cabinet that holds just 1 item


Oh, one more thing, almost started a separate thread for this: a guestbook. Difference from the mailbox would be that the entries would be public, though of course you’d want owners to have the option to remove entries. Part of the reason I’d like it is that there are a lot of times I’d like to compliment someone’s build or store, but don’t want them to feel obliged to answer or think I’m trying to set up a trade or something. It would also reward the people who put in all that effort to build great stuff in a way - a public record for all to see of the positive feedback.


Well i would prefer have machines / structures with meaning.
Like solar panels to create spark.
Sprinkler system to keep your plants and such hydrated