Poll: Where do i move next?

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Been thinking of moving to a T3 USE world where most of the traffic is. they all are pretty and I can’t decide where to move!

  • Biitula Secluded Treehouse
  • Gyosha Cavern
  • Merika dugout sod house
  • other:

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Where ever the heart leads…


The Guilds sovereign world when they finally come out!

Maryx. 10char

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i personally like the tree fort idea becaue the tree fort is going to be centered around a tree.

Maryx. 10char

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2 maryxes but the gyosha cave and biitula treehouse are STILL tied.

I picked other cuz who knows where the games going :slight_smile:

I picks the treehouse because I’ve always wanted to build one and never have. So I like the idea of other people wanting to build one as well :sweat_smile:

You should honestly wait till Sovereign drops. As who knows where the most traffic will be at when that time comes

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