Poll: Which item do you want to be able to craft next?

  • Ladder
  • Bed
  • Chair
  • Grate
  • Log Fire
  • Table
  • Fence
  • Message Posts
  • Trapdoor

The polls are working again :slight_smile:

Shoot you need to tell me how to make voting posts.

i feel the same way.



I really REALLY want ladders and messaging posts
I went with Log Fire
FIRE :volcano:

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By the time I think message posts could help make plans and such for the builders in the community :slight_smile:

Dont play with fire! God damit!

“Some people just want to see the world burn…”

  • Me

I Just want to see the world burn

Fire is the worst idea at this time :scream:

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i would like for clarities sake to remind everybody that I was the one who picked message boards first!

Oh no, you didnt! :hear_no_evil:

hell yeah i did. there was another dude who had picked ladder before i got in here. but i got the message board!!

Not true man! :see_no_evil:

Yup he picked it around 4 seconds before me :slight_smile:

The real reason we want message boards, is to guide people into a deep chasm.


… but who cares?

message posts all the way!^^

while i’m not voting for chairs, can we actually sit in chairs in the future?


Yes! Sittable (thats not a word but I love it) chairs! we need them!