Port city? any talented builders?

okay so i am looking for builders to help build a port city (over 2 islands) it has a medieval fantasy theme so no futureistc stuff mainly just bricks and woods, im looking for people who can work with cross level building and be able to adapt to the theme and build stuff currently i only have the docks and i wont share the location till i have the whole thing covered with a beacon (i do have it requested so it shouldn’t take too long)

Must have skype.

This is it currently im also looking for people who can build ships to give the place a bit more life.

this is the port so far http://gyazo.com/1730a35a795002770c6e17e34187dfb3

i am standing on a lighthouse.


I’ll help where I can. It’ll be nice to actually play with other people with how empty the servers have seemed lately. Message me for my skype.

I can help!

I may not partake in this project, but I recommend you start making a basic layout, the overall shape so when collaborators do come into play they can’t diverge from your desired image. It’s easier to get people to do grunt work than come up with flair.

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I can help you with ships, check out my steam screenshots if you like it.

This is a really good point, to help keep those who help you all on the same page.

Okay the beaon is up and im taking in people who want to help build the port town/city

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