Portal Ate up my stuff


While creating my portal, I made it 1x2, and I placed my location token and sort Shards (250) in it. I then realized the portal I was trying to connect to was 1x3, so I added a block to the top, and the ort shards and location token disappeared.

The location token isn’t really a big deal, but I worked for a lot of time for those shards. Please help!


they pop out when you adjust the portal size, much like a shelf would do to it’s items if you destroy it. I’m guessing someone else was nearby and snagged it. Or maybe it’s on the floor behind the portal or something still…

EDIT: be aware that items despawn afteer 5 minutes


On a similar note, is there anyway to save spark when moving a spark generator, or do you just need to use it all up?

Just thinking out loud, maybe building a new generator in the circuit before removing the old one?


The only way to transfer sparks out of your original spark generator is to do the “worm” thing. You put another spark generator next to the original, then destroy the original and your sparks will be transferred to the one you just put down. You just repeat the process until you reach the location you want to place your spark generator. That is the only way to save all your sparks; otherwise you just have to use it all up.

The other way is something similar to what I have described but you just place a whole line of spark generators each one touching the one before it all the way to the new location, then destroy all the ones that you don’t need.


There was noboy nearby at the time, and I had free space in my inventory. I’m not sure why I didn’t get it.


sometimes it pops out the other side or down onto a lower floor depending what is surrounding the portal.


Although the chance is low, I’ll give it a try. Had any elemental shards on you? They tend to stack with the Oort shards so they might’ve disappeared there.


No shards on me at the time.