Portal epic: bug, or misleading wording?

Hello everybody, there’s something I ran into which I need some clarification about.

A few days ago I tried opening a pair of portals, both on the same planet, and I found that I was unable to do so without the Portal Epic skill.
Now, according to its description, the Portal Epic enables you to open Portals between worlds.
Is this a bug, meaning that I should have been able to open portals on the same planet even without the skill, or is it simply an error in the way the skill is described?

Thanks! :bowing_man:

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The skill enables you to open portals between worlds correct but you also need to look at warp and portal distance at exploration it al depens on the portal planet to planet and the blinksecs in other words just because u have portal epic doesn’t mean u can open a portal to any planet.

But opening a portal on the same planet with just portal epic skill has to work because blinksecs is 0

I do agree on the skill description.
Maybe they have to change that and remove “between worlds”

It’s a fair point. I can make a note of your feedback for someone to look at.


It would be super cool to be able to open portals on the same planet without the epic. Would encourage players to make use of the on-planet portal hubs more too, rather than skipping over them on some of the edge worlds (Maryx, Trior, Tana VII, etc.)

Even more so if it was a little bit cheaper to maintain a portal link on the same planet.

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