Portal Frame Building Competition - OFFICIAL


Your portal must be created in a direct line with the walkway (the bit with the copper blocks), so that people are able to walk from one portal to the next. Your portal must be 2 blocks wide by 4 blocks tall. 8 Portal Conduits will be provided for this.

If you want to build a different sized portal, you can do so, but you must speak with the player your portal will connect to and confirm that you will both use the same size (details of where your portal connects to should be on the plot notice).

Sorry to hear about your base disappearing too - need to keep those beacons fueled!


Thx for advise but portal size not a problem to me, resource and skill to craft thats the point.
I’ll do my best)


It’s a competition of creativity - not bling-bling blocks. I would hope that even with basic blocks and some creative chiseling you should be able to deliver something special.


I had voxel-block for a week now… I need someone to smack me with a creativity keyboard :leaves::leaves::fallen_leaf::fallen_leaf:


how do I join if its not too late?


Grab a spot. Free spots should be unbeaconed.


so I just come in and put a beacon wherever I want?


Well, there are small and large spaces. So pick the type you want. And check the rules, like size of the portal and put the portal in line with the copper blocks for easy access.


Ok so I grabbed a large one, number 22 (or was it 24?) :roll_eyes: I’m outta game and can’t remember.


nice Sponge. Is it in the game anywhere?


I actually dont know but I think not.


Yes on floor off ocean i was told


There are some on the ocean floors in certain places on Septerfon - you’ll need to either build or dig your way down there though!


hey @james , i just snagged “plot-5-north”, could i please get my supplies?


You can also ask @Stretchious or @AmandaPan.


I’ll be on in about 4-5 hours if you’re about then?


sounds good to me, ill let you know when I’m on around 5:00-ish.


hey @AmandaPan or @Stretchious , are you guys on? sorry it took me longer to get on than expected, had some laundry to do. lol


hey @Sharkysaur your portal in contest is low on fuel i noticed :slight_smile:
beacon i mean


Thanks for the heads up. I will go fuel it.