Portal Frame Building Competition - OFFICIAL


I needed a portal partner, So I partnered myself in plot 23 south. I am working on a build real quick to help complete the sequence.


@Stretchious hey bud, I set a storage just inside my entrance om plot 23 south. I am working on another portal so I can have a partner portal. I put you on permissions. Could you throw the chisels and portals in the storage for me?

I will be on tomorrow night again. Thnx. Hopefully will finish this one.


Will do. I likely won’t be able to get on until about 9:30pm GMT today though.

Edit: Later than expected, but you now have your tools/conduits :wink:

List updated with all entrants so far!


I would really love to take part in this. Add A Touch of Frost (only UK people will get that lol). Are we actually opening the portals are just making a pretty frame?


Yes - we will open all the portals in a long chain…


Thank you. Trying to figure out what I need for Solum. Still haven’t figured out portals yet.


There is a Portal via the Meobius Plaza.


If you’re on Solum, there is a portal in Pixel Gate that will take you there.

You just need to build a frame for a 2 wide by 4 high portal - portal conduits are provided, along with a set of precise chisels (you will need the skills to use them effectively though).


You’re a star. Thank you for explaing it so perfectly! I’ll got take a look and choose one. Thank you again so much.


@Stretchious if you are on today could we meet at the contest grounds so I can add you to my beacon and get some conduit blocks?


Sure, I won’t be able to get on until tonight around 9:30pm GMT though


Thank you, I should be able to get on at that time I will message you here when I do.


Sorry I ended up getting home later than expected. Are we still able to meet up?


I can let go the plot i used for my second portal. i was just trying to take up empty. 23 south


I might use a partner to connect to as well. 21 south I believe is supposed to lead to my 22 north.


anyone knows @Angellus
his beacon’s smoking

same for @Nyuudles, @KindestBud420 and @VincentCha0s


I am online for a little bit now, if anyone needs to access the tools and portal conduits for their build!


Still online? @Stretchious


Yup, I’m still on - I’ll pop back over to the portal frame contest now


Ahhhh Stretchious I was at work! I’m sorry I missed you.