Portal Frame Building Competition - OFFICIAL


I stepped down from the competition. I don’t have as much time as I did back then :sob:.


No worries, I can jump on today at some point if you’re able… let me know when you will be available


Thanks @Stretchious Stretchious, I’m not sure what time exactly I will be on. I will probably be on in 3-4 hours from now. Hopefully we can catch each other.


Ok, I’ll try and jump on round that time as well! We’ll get there :wink:


i had been trying to get portal blocks to put on mine, but no one ever gave me the portal conduits…


I can meet you there if your online and give you some portals.


I think when a player completed, it should be handed over to the official to maintain it (or the developer use an “infinite Oort Stone” item to keep it open). A lot of the portals are closed now.


The portals weren’t supposed to be open yet as the competition hasn’t ended yet.

Once it has ended, we’ll remove some of the walkways, link, fuel and open the portals up in a logical way that you can walk through them all from one end to the other.

The only thing players need to maintain, is their beacon fuel.


Also helpful if each player made sure to friend Stretchious or James or AmandaPan, add them to the beacon so they can access the portal /change the portal for when the competition ends and they need to judge them and link them.
Never know if your going to be online or not come time for the judging.


Any idea when the competition is going to end? I know it has to be soon. I am hoping to be around when it does. Week days are hard for me because of work. Seems like most of you guys are British and have the opposite time frames of playing than myself.


Hi can i participate in this contest?


Yes, they have not set an ending date yet.
Just grab a beacon and pick out a empty plot.
But plan on building it this weekend. so many ppl took a plot and just kind of left it alone. It will end soon at some point. Good Luck


I guess we’d better do that at some point :wink:


I hope this can be finished before we get too deep in all the new and exciting stuff coming up.


Any idea’s on if this is going to happen still? Anyone?


@Stretchious hey bud I took plot 21 North. Trying to fill in the blank plots. I made an ice cave drop portal. Can you move the tools inside? I set a storage just inside and added you to friends like before.



@Stretchious @AmandaPan @james I made a portal on plot 20 South. Could one of you set the storage box inside the ship please. So far I only have Stretch on my friendslist. I will try contacting amanda in discord. Thnx guys. If the contest keeps going, I will fill all the plots up so none are empty.


If I had better skills at chisel working, the materials I would want, and the time to put into this, I’d totally jump in.

Good luck to everyone!


You never know until you try. But I’m afraid the competition may be a no go anyway. I’m the only one that has been posting anything lately. I keep making portals to fill in the holes. I just think it’s really fun. If they do abandon it, maybe I will make a town out of it someday. Each house an artistic creation completely unrelated to the next lol.

Currently there are 12 plots left.


I think it’s just quiet because devs are busy with the huge update. Maybe if it was closed when first planned so before 187 in testing, we would have it resolved and voting finished etc. But I believe it’s gonna happen soon enough.