Portal Frame Building Competition - OFFICIAL


Chivlet is now supposed to be doing this poll.


@james I see the goal here, get players to build more visually appearing portals in game, instead of the minimalist approach to maximize gains, but it doesn’t seem to carry over into the functional game space. Perhaps a small incentive mechanic would be enough to get players to do this. I am envisioning something like a saving of 1 hour worth of shard per day. If the surrounding blocks meet some condition. Not enough to damage the blink sec mechanic, but just enough to entice them into decorating/chiseling.


portals to the site are gone…


yep portal on plaza is down now
so this thing is completly forgotten now


Pester Chivels, he said he was gonna do a poll and I sent him pictures of each one.


The Cuttlepunks can provide some rare gleams as prizes if someone wants to set up a poll.


can ya post the pictures here numbered then adding a poll with numbers should do the trick
i trow in a lavabucket


my builds are gone.


That’s a shame =(


Hey Everyone.

Sorry for the radio silence - but let us get this thing wrapped up.

If anyone wants to fix up their portal frame in the next week we’ll get the full chain of portals made, fuelled and operational.

If anyone hasn’t entered yet - then grab a slot and make a portal.

I’ve fuelled all the portals that were still active. If your portal expired I’m really sorry. If you’re feeling up to it, then maybe create something new? (Or simply recreate what you originally had.)


There is an open portal from Pixel Gate to the competition location.


Good luck to all. It’s back on!! yay. Thank You James

I am sorry, but due to time restraints and moving and stuff. It will not be able to return to this competition. But I encourage all of you to go make something, fix what you have and have fun. If anyone wants the plots I used there, let me know and I will give them to you.


Mine is not very grand or impressive. Alas, I chose a small plot which in hind sight was not smart. LOL I will refuel mine so it stays for the competition end anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


bump :v::sweat_smile:


The time has not come yet?)


I don’t know what this thing is… but I find it disturbing.


I want one.


its a been bag with the head from this dude image


It’s the ultimate gamer …built in bean bag butt for comfort and an extendable trunk to grab snacks without interrupting play :joy:


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