Portal issues (close randomly)

hello not sure if this is a thing lately
but it happens often that my portals close but with Oort shards in them?
could be a planet issue as well?
It’s the 3rd time now this week!
it’s becoming a real problem
I should ask @james for Oort compensation


Oort compensation is done :slight_smile:
I’ll give him 3600 oort


hey! I thought where them Oort coming from, my actual face -->

you guys have been such great support! :heart:

thank you so much!!!


@Marcello666 Need to meet i can give you half of oort and Money you have Host


Have seen this issue pop up on the forum a few times now (this year) and most of these where on sov worlds…

So it might be likely your pointing the right way :wink:
Not sure though if it’s completely true just pointing it out.

Have you tried taking the oort out too in order to rule out a display only error? There’s an issue with portals sometimes not actually accepting the oort you shift click into it.