Portal List (similar to Beacon List)


Similar to the Beacon List we already have. Portals have to be refueled to prevent them from expiring in the same way beacons do, but currently there is no in-game mechanic to check how much time they have left aside from running to each one and checking it, which can be difficult for bigger builds with more spread out portals. If a list was added that functioned in a similar manner to the Beacon List where you can check the times beacons have left until they expire, it would make it easier to know which portals need to be refueled sooner rather than later.

I have several ideas as to how this could work, and so first I want to talk about how to tell which portal it is, and then where this kind of list could be located

Which Portal?

  1. Coordinates for the portal could be listed as the location for the portal, as well as which beacon(s) it is located within (and of course which planet it is controlled from)

  2. a portal naming system could be implemented, similar to the beacon naming system, and the name of the portal could appear in the list (as well as beacon and planet as mentioned above)

Where Could The List Go?

  1. It could be an extension of the beacons tab, and by interacting with the beacon on the list it could then list (or give an option to list) which portals are within that beacon and what their names/coordinates are and how much time they have left until they expire

  2. it could be it’s own tab, and just be a running list of portals, where they are located, what beacon they are in, and how much time they have left until they expire

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:


Good idea, handy for portals you dont use daily.


Definitely need this, please and thank you.


Great idea having a portal listing tab. It would also be nice to have a counter telling you how many people use your portal.


I’d rather have a Shop Stand List first, but a Portals List could be handy too.