Portal Power Dropping Exponentially

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Hi, I’ve seen this happen 3 times now (I think I’ve reported it once or twice in game), when I create portals, they say that they’re fueled for 2 days … then when I come back a bit later they’re either extinguished, or with minutes / hours left.

I just made one an hour or so ago, and came back to it, and it was nearly dead … so I dropped some more Oort in it.

This is going to become really expensive, and it doesn’t seem normal (but all things are relative :wink: ) … Is there something wrong? Or have I missed a piece of the puzzle, here?


Need a bit of info regarding the setup. What’s the blinksecs between the planets you’re portaling between? What’s the size (in conduits) is the portal?

Not sure what you are seeing to be honest. I fuel 20 to 30 (or more :man_shrugging:) portals of various sizes every 2 days for TNT and they are all consistent in their usage of shards. Could it be that you are letting the portal close so it is using up more fuel in the process of reopening the portal? More details may help us help you.

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One possible scenario:

You put in 50 oortshards into a 1x2 portal and it looks like it will stay open for 50 hours which is 2 days and 2 hours. Then you open the portal, which costs 50 oort shards, and those shards don’t count towards your time. Your portal has 1 hour left to live.

When you open a new portal make sure you put in many more shards than the opening cost. As much as possible, avoid letting portals close because those opening costs are really expensive.


Just an idea :bulb: if the portal is on a sovereign and you look at the portal don’t mistake the sovereign time with the portal time (just in case)


Thanks, all.

I think a lot of this really wasn’t clear to me in the game, which is probably my fault for literally being that dumb. heh.

I need to return a ton of stuff to the C.O.R.E. folks!


It’s exactly what Alwin said. I put over the 50 requirement … but then obviously didn’t check it after that because I thought … NICE … TWO DAYS …

Seriously … portals will bankrupt me, and I’m only running two. :sweat_smile: