Portal Seekers Lamblis Hub reworked/All Old Shops will be Closed 15 March at 0.00UTC


Portal Seekers Lamblis hub have been reworked.

To anyone who has a shop linked to this hub please contact a Portal Master on discord : https://discord.gg/nsj2px.

We need to relocate you.

Edit: Every floating Shop Portal will be closed friday after 0.00UTC, If you had a shop in the old layout, please reopen in a framed portal.


Ooohhh will look forward to seeing what you’ve done , when I get back from work.
Liked some of the other hub redisgns completed a while back and was hoping others would get a refresh
Will hop on discord later.

Blaze, lake(y).


New infos…


You have made it look alot better.Love it!


I really like the new hunters courtyard it’s like paying homage to the way oortians were before the meteors hit.