Portal sound

I have a few portals where I can not go too far (more than 2 blocks) away and I am (a bit) annoyed from that continuous wobbling sound. I do not want to tune down all environment sounds, just have this particular one a few ticks down. Is this something that can be done?

If you’re on PC there should be a json file for the sound that you’d probably be able to get rid of. But I’m not good with that kind of stuff. @Jiivita and @Simoyd would be ones that could probably tell you how to do it.

I’ve been able to mute individual sounds in the past… so theoretically it should be possible, but I haven’t had a need to do so in a long time so I’ll have to remind myself how to do it. It might be an all or nothing thing… but you would think that there would be a way to have the volume fall off faster with distance :thinking: