Portal Token duping? Is that a thing?

If I take a token from a portal block sitting in my beacon, is there any way someone can duplicate it? Like if I give it to them, can they make more?

I’m pretty sure you (or they) can only get them from the conduits
they’d have to have permissions though


Good question
If portal token is based on a position. And a player got it once (and noted the position).
Maybe you can create dupe by simply entering the exact position in a new token.

Nope. I was thinking about that. They can’t replicate the coordinates of this token.

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Can’t you add ‘custom co-ordinates though?’ to the locations list

They can duplicate the portal co-ordinates yup, but not the portal token. Co-ords just say longitude/latitude/height, portal tokens have portal shape in them aswell (1×2H etc). These can only be made in an offline portal if u have perms.

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Awesome! ya. I wasn’t worried about the coords. just the actual physical token being duped

Thx for the replies!!

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You can add a custom destination via coords but I don’t know how to add a location unless you go to said custom destination. What’s the work flow for adding a custom location directly to your location list?

Be somewhere (not sanctum) - press P, Custom destination, fill in the co-ords and alt

That’s a destination on compass not a location. Different mechanics for each. You can’t add arbitrary coords to your location list as you claim.

I was mistaken! I misread the header on that completely - just presumed it was locations :slight_smile:

I was hoping you’d figured out something I’d missed.