Portal Token Thief

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I must say that I am surprised that people will steal portal tokens from hubs to ensure that the portals cannot be opened in attempts to drive more traffic to their portal hub.

Have you see this in your own hub?

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Would you support tracking of the last person that purchased something from a shop stand?

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Do you mean someone took all the tokens from a stand so that no one else could get one?

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I had this recently from the free exo tokens stand… someone took like all 400 I had set out.


I had this before myself with my exo tokens… that was the reason I started charging for the tokens but decided to go back to free… sucks to see players doing such a thing (unless it was accidental instead of taking one they took all) I don’t see the reason to go that low and take tokens :man_shrugging:


Occasionally people come to my hubs and buy the portal tokens from every single shop stand for every single portal.

It’s pretty rare, and I used to be annoyed until I realized I was getting paid to do literally nothing. Thanks for the donations I guess!


I think it would be better to have a stand/basket/display that allows only one item per player.

I do think it would be nice to have a history log of actions that could be seen by a planet founder, guild leader, etc. That way, if someone with permissions removed things they weren’t suppose to, you could take action.


There’s also a decent number of players who:

  1. buy a token not knowing what it is or that there’s a cost or skill to open portals

  2. buy a token for the wrong size portal and have to re buy

  3. buy a spot, then see a spot they like better and buy that one too

I get a decent number of PMs from people who do all three by accident


I’d say hang them oortians by their ankles and dunk them into lava every 20 seconds… that’s just an idea and I’m sure they would learn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This :point_up_2:

  1. Sometimes people get sidetracked & forget or plan to open the portal later on too.

Newer players also don’t fully understand the whole warps/portals/tokens thing. Some thought they had to buy/take all of the tokens on a stand to open it. There’s a learning process involved.

Maybe we need a token stand that’s a little diff from a reg stand.


Or an auto refilling stand next to portals. If you haven’t opened in 24 hours, it auto regens the token so someone else can buy


Definitely an annoying issue. Seen happen many times. Experienced it my self few times. Maybe a stand they is attached to a portal that will automatically generated the tokens?

Also thought it would be a good idea for a non owner interaction on inactive portals that would allow a player to obtain the token directly, this way the owner doesn’t have to worry about restocking the tokens.


Yes… I help a few people keep portal tokens across a whole range of portals. See a consistent theme of removal of everything.


Yes for payment but then that person can offer it free and steal the portal usage basically. A person shouldn’t be forced to charge if they want free… but you’re right this is an option.

Yup I do agree this can happen. But it won’t happen across 20 portals consistently… either way thanks for feedback and those voting.

Yes, this happens every week.

Curious if they could add in a set of commands like we have in other games.


12:03 Jimmy removed 3 portal conduits
12:08 Sally added 100 oort shards to a portal -100N 1294E
01:16 Sam placed 157 refined meta blocks
03:44 Dan donated 2345 coins
05:23 Sarah opened a portal -45N 934E


33 beacons
32456 plots
2435345 blocks removed
34222 blocks added
116 visitors today
3 meteors completed


Yeah this is basically the approach I plan to take or some very simple UI additions … See what they track and don’t and how easy it is to add some history to it or something. I feel honestly adding some log to shop stands might be nice for those running shops so they could follow-up, etc. No matter what I would be careful on the effort to achieve.


I used to take all the tokens when I a noob :laughing: it said free lol


I have this oroblem regularly! 2 or 3 tokens will get gone then ill wait 2 to 3 weeks and bo portal opened. I have thought maybe it is a beginner but it is happening far to much to be that!

Regardless of the thief-deterrent reasons, I think it would be great to have a “last purchaser” record. One of the sadder parts of having a shop stand is not knowing who came to buy your stuff. I think it would help foster friendships and relationships :slight_smile:

I am also strongly supportive of the X-per-patron shop stand idea.

The last thought I have is that people in general should not think of portals as zero-sum. People have as many portals as they find useful. There’s nothing to actually be gained by trolling other portal hubs on the same planet. If I want a portal at X place, having no tokens available there won’t deter me, I’ll just PM the owner… if Y place wants portals they need to provide a useful hub.