Portal warning option


I kinda have trouble managing farm portals…Well because I dont use them all the time so outta sight outta mind kinda thing. I was wondering if I might suggest Portal fuel shortage warning like beacon warnings totally optional and can be turned on and off for those that prefer not.

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Yes that woud be very helpful, lately I keep forgetting to fuel my portals and some have closed a few times already and it’s always those big suckers that close on me. Ah well, at least I make some oort sellers happy I suppose! :smiley:


Yeah I have a few on Icons Resource center . Its not so bad if its my personal portals but I dont want to inconvenience those folks for my bad memory lol… so yeah the big ones always get me too lol


100% support toward this, please add this feature into the game.




Ugh… keeping up with portals is the bane of my existence. Anything to make it easier would be helpful.


This has come up before and been bounced around on why it is helpful and why it is not helpful for the game model behind portals.

For most of us we just set a schedule to fuel all portals regularly each week on certain days or use a calendar app to remind. Since portals are connected and you can just run through the network it becomes pretty easy to grab a bunch of stacks of fuel and just run around for 15 minutes to fuel everything up…


Yeah Im not that organized its a character flaw with games in general I tend to have gamers ADD, I know I have and need to do one thing and then Im all like…LOOK AN EXO! and my portals out lol