Positive vibes!


Oh right guys its been kinda hard for me at least to watch these forums when post after post people are just complaining about something.

So in this post i would like to see everyone saying 1 or more players who have affected you positively during your time in boundless!
Little story wouldnt ve so bad either!

Ill start with the player named @the-moebius
This guy is actually damn cool dude when you get to know him. He always looks for possibilities to bring community together and if you ask him for help hes there for you ! He’s the one who i kinda look up in this game.


There are too many to name, I have enjoyed my experience in boundless mainly because of all the helpful people and fun community things we do together like building, mining, hunting, etc and I can’t wait to see this progress as they add new props and stuff that will create an even better experience.


Normaly most players come to a game forum because they have issues, that’s why most posts are complaining. :wink:

I want to thank myself for not joining a settlement. Saves a lot of time and stress :stuck_out_tongue:

But to be honest, jiivita and the portal seeker network have affected me positively :slight_smile:


@Jeffrotheswell for the OG EA portal hub connecting all of our worlds together. I used your hub for a long while my dude, and it was a huge help to me early on. Also your building style is top notch.

@Karokendo For first showing off the efficient mining / stone crafting method in EA originally dubbed the ‘Karokendo Method’ that’s still used today.

@Chivlet For caring so much about this game and community that you’ll take the time to write entire books on the forum explaining your view on the game and how you think it could be improved.

@slyduda For the Gemporium in EA. You ran that really quite well, and I know a lot of people greatly appreciated your contribution to the original market.

@virresss For starting and spearheading the Great Hunts so long ago. You seriously helped bring the community together in such a wonderful way. I used to hunt with you guys a good bit, and those hunts are still some of my best memories in Boundless.

Bane. Whichever player he is on the forum. I just adore his building style and want to give him a shout-out because it’s pretty incredible.

@Jiivita For working hard to continue making Boundless videos. I’m entirely certain they help the community more than you realize. I know watching Minecraft videos on Youtube sooo long ago was the only reason I ended up getting into Minecraft, and I feel like the ability to see the game through your eyes (and screen?) will be the tipping point for a ton of people to simply even buy the game. Your tutorials are a huge help as well.

@Liveey You also had some really cool builds in EA and I want you to know that I appreciated them a ton.

Everyone who created and maintains the Portal Seekers network. They’re the only portal hub I actually use, and without the hard work you guys have put into this network, my progression would have been a fair bit slower.

@Merln For sharing his Forging method that I have simply dubbed the, “Merln Method”. I believe it’s the most efficient and consistent way to Forge great gear in the current state of the game, and it’s helped me immensely in my progression pre-launch. Also for starting the Awkward Miners with Awkward.

@Stretchious I and much of the community appreciate the Boundless Crafting website, as well as your leadership here on the forum. It’s great to have as many resources as possible for those looking to learn this game, and your website definitely contributes a lot.

@Steggs101 I want to thank you specifically for taking up the role of being the head of the community here. You do an incredible job of sort of bridging the gap between the players and the developers. I know it’s a hard job, especially with a ton more negativity having appeared on these forums post-launch, but you handle it very well. Our community is so much better because of you.


Apparently you can only mention 10 users in a post, but I have one more.

@James I can’t forget you, my dude. You seem to be one of developers on the forum who has been around the longest who has always consistently been posting and active in the community. I just want to thank you and the rest of the developers for your continuous amazing work on this game. I know post-launch, we have become a much wider community, and it has brought more than a few detractors, but you all continue to listen to the community and make the best game for everyone. I can’t wait to see what the next few years here bring.


@Buugi For creating this post
My neighbors on Ultima Guild HQ (Hash and the troupe I don’t want to forget anyone so I wont list them) they are really nice people.
@Jiivita for taking the time to create a video of our city :slight_smile:
and many people on this forum that are really kind and helpful

I’m really happy playing this game and I think it is great and the devs are doing an incredible job with the updates. It’s incredible what they achieve in only two month after release.

Thank you for creating this post.


In no apparent order, I thank @Jiivita, @Merln, portal seekers, and of course all the devs


Man! You make me feel fuzzy! Thank you!! :smiley: <3


Yeah, what Akii said! I really appreciate the appreciation :hugs:


@nevir for creating this awesome references post:

@james and the rest of the devs for staying engaged with the community

@steggs101 for trying to keep us civil :slight_smile:


my list is to big to make and type
and im to scared to forget people so i thank everybody whoever
did a favor for me our my projects etc…


Guys I was going to put this in a suggestions post but it’s pretty positive, so I thought why not

Suggestion: liquid gold

I don’t mean, mix a bucket of milk with gold and get liquid gold buckets. I mean, make it possible to put coins in a bucket and place them on the ground.

The liquid itself would flow like lava, but would be gold colored. The surface would have coins on it rendered in the same way the waxy foliage is. It would also make a tinking noise when you walk around in it.

With this, you can make literally scrooge mcduck style vaults that you can swim around in. If you are rich enough. Amazing.


need more vibes people :smile: