Possibility of more than one world

There has been much talk of wings vs jetpacks and this has led me to think about rockets and space and such. Now before you shoot this down know that I am not recommending space travel (it would be hella cool) but rather traveling between dimensions. Yes, I understand that there is different portals spread throughout the game that are similar but I’m not referring to dimensions in that sense. Dimensions such as: an underworld or a challenge dimension where all the enemies are really hard to beat but offer good loot. Those are just a few examples I could come up with myself. Its just something that I think would be neat to explore other than the main world.

there are like 40 or 50 worlds, so no main world in that sense. my idea is that around the capital it is rather peaceful but the furhter you get away the harder the enemies get and the better the rewards get. i think making an underworld would be rather overkill, but it would be nice if different worlds had different rule sets.

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It would be cool but very hard to code (I think)

Cool idea, but it would basically be the equivalent of making each feature twice, so don’t hold your breath about seeing it anytime soon!

We’ll make sure the features we do make are awesome first!

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like a dye system? right, right?!!

If your referring to dying your characters clothes and such wouldn’t it make sense that it could be part of the character editor?

nah mate, we need an entire dye system, i made a post about it.

it’s a gameplay system to dye for

I’m so funny ._.


You killed me, I’m dead. Rip.

rip in peace zeathoros

Dimension traveling is that, what I extremely need :disappointed_relieved:

Well wings vs jetpacks…
Not needed, just have wings, jetpacks, and use them at the same time, or combine them :smiley: You will truly flight, and if you get out of fuel you will jsut glide down :smiley:

But i think that two ítems and his combined use will be really cool :smiley: