Possible bug with auto pick up


So i was removing some glass in my base and noticed i could not Auto pickup glass 2 blocks above me as i was able to before the last patch.
Am i bugged or by accident respecced something or anyone else noticed the Shorter pick up?

Testing 222: Venerable Forging!

I had doubts about this too. I was smashing rocks in my basement using a normal iron hammer and couldnt pick the blocks a couple blocks away. Thought it might be that i am used to forged magnet tools so i didnt think again about it. But now that youre mentioning it, it might be something.


I’ve noticed this too.


saw the same post somewhere else and yes I did experience it too. Even after the fix on Friday. Not been mining today so can’t talk about today


Maybe worth a look for your bug list?


Are you able to provide screenshots of your inventory setup / a video showing the issue in action?


Sorry, at work atm, you know how it is :slight_smile:
For a quick check you could log in your char and mine in a 3 block radius.
My inventory was empty except for 1 row and 2 spots, 1 of them was a stack of 583 glass.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far.


Allright, when you have time you are invited to my home on besevrona 0/0. As i have a pyramid in the works plenty of 2 block high ledges to Show you.

The general pick up radius is reduced by 1 block in all directions. And more then 50% of the times, even if a block is in radius it rather joins a multistack allready on the Ground. So making the player inventory priority again would prolly help with that Problem, just not with the range Problem.
I hope this helps, if not then my invitation stands.


Whereabouts are you standing in the first two screenshots? It’s a bit hard to tell if you’re standing on top of those glass blocks or a bit lower down as I was trying to setup up a similar layout to see if there’s anything unusual.

I’m online for the next 2 hours and a bit. I could come over to Besevrona, but I don’t have any protection from the atmosphere. Also, what’s the quickest way to get there from Sochaltin I?


… Ok, know I shouldn’t derail, and I appreciate the hard work you all do, truly. But I have to say: I had this image in my mind of you devs entering your game somewhat like heroes, possibly wearing unique items that haven’t been released yet, perhaps even using special effects to show your status to us mere mortal Oortians… not of having to revive you because you choked to death in the atmosphere you created! :joy:


I dont want the charred corpse of a Dev in my base!(well not another anyways, :joy_cat: @kernal)

On Topic:
I am Standing infront of the rows, using fist weapons to selectivly remove the glass for this example.
Where x is the wall of glass and the m is the 2 blocks high Avatar. (yea not exactly 3d here, i know!)

For your sochaltin Needs, i have my remnants of my first base there, if you want me to come over its no Problem.


Sometimes we do checks with characters that have no dev privileges, so we can see how the game is from the point of view of other players in the game.

I’ll be available to come online for the next 5 hours. It’s BST (GMT + 1) here in the UK. If you’re in a different time zone, it might be a bit tricky for you to show me in this case. I can meet you at the capital in Sochaltin I. Otherwise you could create some screenshots using the third-person view, or perhaps record a video.

Also, I’ll pass the details of the forum topic over to a software engineer to look at.


Ready to meet you when you are!
Moving out!


Noticed this as well


Any update on this? Is this an intended change?


Just tagging in as well as I noticed it today while clearing out tree for a new market stall. Could not collect until I was virtually on the block it seemed like.


Lets ask the Person which should know.
@vdragon, is it accepted as a bug?


This! :rofl: I always thought of the Devs grappling through worlds at lightspeed, invincible tanks with epic gear… It seems they are more humble than I imagined


I found the bare bones base of a Dev on sochaltin I…Nothing Epic to be seen^^