Possible Fix for Fall Damage? [VOTE]


Hmm, I wish there was a way to put bouncy feet and on icy ground together. Extra fall armor with a double jump!


You also have to consider “impact” damage from grappling and hitting a tree or getting knocked back by a creature and how that ties into a fix for fall damage.


No, regen is broken too.
Fall damage should be point based and regen should be % based.


Moon shoes.

But in all seriousness, I would do a lot more insanely fun things in this game if there was no death penalty or if it was changed to something less detrimental.
Dare deviling ahoy!


Whilst building at legendville I dropped through from top of the world didn’t get my grapple out in time I died once with my hunter, and with my builder I not only survived twice but I barely took any damage at all lol then I fell from 6 blocks up with same toon and lost at least 20% health lol


I don’t think I have ever played an online game yet that haves % based HP regen, it can be overpowered depending on what % is set for regen, the how fast each tick of the regen happens, and the maximal possible HP a player can get in the game.

In MMOs I have always seen regen as a device used to make it easier for new players to regain HP. and regen becomes more or less useless at higher level play.

In PvP, I have typically seen regen as just something that punishes the other player being too passive against the low HP target.

And again, all the regen in the world will not fix the problem of fall damage one shot killing you.


I love flinging myself into walls for massive damage. Just saying. Lol.


Yep, this is why i think it should be % based. Balance it for lv50 or health-skilled players and make it the same % for new players. It will still feel fine at low level.


I believe it is a purposeful design aspect for it to become useless for higher level or higher HP players.


After playing a low HP build for gleambow racing and basically being immune to fall damage under the current calculations I think that we were meant to either have a low HP high mobility build or a high HP low mobility build.

I don’t think the game makes that very clear, it’s more like the math manifests that way if you purposely ignore HP. I don’t think players and devs are on the same page about this yet. All players want a high HP high mobility build and expect the devs to rebalance fall damage to support this. Do we know if this is what they are thinking with the rework? Knowing would help us pitch better ideas… or gives us the chance to get mad before the code is written and tested :innocent:


If you miss all you gotta do is pull the trigger/push the button again and it’s back in your hand. So double tap to shoot again.


No reason the algorithm cant be nearly just as dumb… Like D(h,v)=A|v|+Bh+C|v|+Dh, where A and B are constants chosen to be significant with respect to starting stats, and C and D are percentages of health such that when h= …say 5 blocks and the magnitude of v when Falling from 5 blocks (starting at 0 blocks/sec) results in D = to something like 1/4 starting health… ?


I see what you’re saying, so basically… e=mc²? :exploding_head:


Just linear… But basically a model describing energy conversion…


I was able to jump from the top of the world to mantle while taking only 259 falling damage. I created a skillset with no HP boost (only 600 hp total) and maximum falling armor +300. In addition I used a floating pie (+200 falling armor).


Quoting my own topic: “Falling damage would not change, however, part of its damage would be instantly recovered after a few seconds, unless successive falls or hits occurred. This would be much more true to life, because successive hits on the way down will do much more damage than a single drop. This could also be used with enemy attacks, or [when] attacking enemies.”

This is commonplace in many games and I think it would be a very solid fix for fall damage.