Possible Hunt Leader?

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So I’m thinking of running a hunt but I was wondering how do hunter leaders know what ways to head like the region I know you head north east south west but do you run into those directions until you think your in that region? I wanna do t6 but I’m afraid not to many will show up for them and it would be to slow cause of how the seeds effect the Oort.


Ok, so if you want to use ready platform system you warp to a new platform after each completed meteor, so that’s finding regions sorted.

If you just “explore” a planet running from region to region, try to keep the same general direction throughout your hunt (so from the moment you land on that planet, decide you will be going east or north - there will be some deviations from this of course, when trying to hit a center of a region or when chasing a meteor, but as long as you continue in one general direction you will avoid going in circles and hitting the same region repeatedly).

As for finding regions: watch your compass and whenever it says you are south/north/west/east from a region, go in the opposite direction to get to that region. When compass displays region’s name without that north/south from, that means you got to its center.
EXAMPLE: your compass says South-East from Lacuna Pants; so you lead your group north-west until the compass says just Lacuna Pants. That means you are in that region center.


If the compass says North ??? Then go south
If the compass says South ??? Then go north
If the compass says West ??? Then go east
If the compass says East ??? Then go west.

You get the picture.

Or just use platforms.


I wanna do ground hunts I got burnt out on doing platform hunts I love ground hunts


Also if you put your right foot in, then put your left foot out :rofl: and shake it all about!


as people have said, if a region is north east, run south west. if it says your in it, then just wait a couple minutes to see if a meteor spawns. otherwise continue that direction and use the compass to find your next region (you dont want to go into regions you have previously been in, they have a timer that they cant spawn meteors until X amount of time passes)

also, another trick i have used:
if someone is skilled at grappling (or just uses an alt for loot) you can have them go out to nearby meteors and save the location, that way when they get back they can create a warp to the next meteor once everybody is ready. i have found this makes things easier on those who are new or just havent quite gotten used to grapples (if a meteor is really close, i wouldnt do it. just for the far away ones. if the person running accidently gets a meteor life, have them stay at the meteor, not kill anything, and not die, that way the group can get more loot and not have the meteor go dormant. meteor lifes are only triggered once a creature at the meteor is killed)

hope that helps!

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My advice to you is to check when other hunts run so you dont end up overlapping hunt times.

Everyone elses input is great advice also.


I have a private hunting T3 world that has a platform-like network of locations, but they are all on the ground (I called them Summoning Temples). Maybe that’s gonna be a good compromise for you? Warping between regions but staying on the ground? If not then just warp to one of them and then continue on foot around that world. It’s made of mostly flat terrain, no large water bodies, no ice and very little trees - so easy to do meteors (only setback is that I got those caves starting on surface and leading quite deep - some regions have them and those are a bit annoying; the temples I built in regions centers - 16 of them - I tried to place in cave-free areas).

It is a small world though so player limit is 10, meaning your hunt group can be maximum 10 people.

Anyways - feel free to take a look:

of course
thanks for pointing out - corrected