Possible to request second backer key sent again?

I did some supporting early-ish which got me a key for me and a key for a friend, which I’ve been saving until my boy was old enough to take an interest. He is now. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I’m also an idiot and so my server was set to delete downloaded emails, and the local machine with the copy of the email has since sadly perished to a toddler’s destructive streak.

Is it possible to get the key sent again if I PM the details of the account to someone/send an email/whatever?

I’m sure @james is able to help you out, its better to PM him directly


Ummmm. Yeah @james. I also lost my early backer chieftain code…:eyes: so if you could send that over at the same time :grimacing: that’d be great. :rofl::crossed_fingers:



D: Me 2 maybe got :cookie: s (O.O)

Thank you, all. I will try James.

Any future readers with similar queries: PMing James not only worked but was far quicker than I expected. A+ would let toddler blow up computer again.