Possible UI solution for shape management

Hold Option/Alt for a popup menu

While still holding Opt/Alt, press the number of the shape you want. Press R to invert (turn upside down).


I like it! It’s simple, but effective.

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I like it too.

If you needed to jump, and you had your thumb on alt, you wouldn’t be able to easily press spacebar. Maybe a better option could be “Q” or the something relating to the middle mouse button. But a very great solution! I was actually thinking of a very similar idea today that you’ve got going.

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I have actually yet to figure out how to angle the blocks. How does one? lol

This system might work pretty well, and then we could place blocks in mass without having to shape each one after placement. Which key it’s bound to should be up to the player though.

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You put the compatible blocks in a certain slot, press R, then it will be angled depending on which slot it’s in. It’s pretty clunky and confusing, but then again, it actually wasn’t meant to be a feature. Players discovered it on accident earlier on.

@InsideOut In your main inventory slots 2-6, press “R” to toggle slope mode for certain blocks. Each slot corresponds to a different shape.

@dwarvenname You probably wouldn’t be jumping and selecting a shape at the same time.

@Squaremunch Yes, let the player decide.

I want a way to rotate, Hit R and when you place the block it will remain highlighted until you place another… Hit R while it’s highlighted to rotate it and Q to flip or rotate up. Cycle through the slope with arrow keys.

Or maybe we can use the R shortcut as the default button to change the slope shape.

Tapping R once will change the slope

Holding R down will bring up the menu to choose a slope. Scroll to desired slope shape.

  • Must hold down R while scrolling
  • When desired slope is highlighted, release R to exit menu and continue building with that slope.

Why scroll? Just hold R to bring up the selection and click with mouse on the desired shape

Also @ben Have you seen this topic!?!

@james @vdragon @OortSimon @lucadeltodecso - Called in the cavalry.

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It’s a simple solution and suggestion - I like it. One comment, we’re planning to support more sloped shapes in the future (for the upside down slopes) so this adds a few more options.

We’ve got a few ideas as well - but nothing yet that was the obvious right idea.

Once we roll out the new GUI I’m sure we’ll turn our attention to implementing a solution for this. Keep the ideas coming!!


Thought for implementing more shapes in this system- pressing alt opens a dial on the center of your screen and a movement of the mouse selects which one you want. You could get around 20 or more shapes?

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upside down slopes? are they gonna be used in caves? (please say yes)


For me, using the scroll button to navigate through all the slopes is way faster than hovering my pointer onto the slope. Also, I don’t like to keep putting more stress onto my hand since I have mild tendonitis. Using the scroll button doesn’t require much movement compared to moving your mouse since we already use our mouse a lot to see around the world and crafting materials. The less stress we put on our hands as we play, the better it is for everyone.

I tweaked @DarkRepulsor 's UI concept a bit to make my explanation more clear if he doesn’t mind.

  • Gray dot is the highlighted slope.
  • Highlights the most visible slope thumbnail on the bottom as you scroll down. The same goes for scrolling up, but highlights the thumbnail on top instead.

As a builder who loves creating things gigantic, we would do anything to make building designs faster and smoother. Especially when we have to repeat patterns that are atleast 40 blocks high. :persevere:


While I’m fine with this
(even though I play with a thumb driven trackball so selecting things with the mouse takes no more movement than scrolling)

it assumes that all players will HAVE a scroll wheel on their mouse
I don’t know if that is an assumption that can be made (research would have to be done)

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Looking at this again I REALLY like the #7 option you added!!! :laughing: :thumbsup:


I KNOW RIGHT. I even made a gif of it I want it so bad:


I only have a normal mouse :frowning: you do have a point though. having both the option to scroll or use the pointer would be great at least.