Post here if you have a maxed out friend list

Just trying to see how many people have maxed out friend lists. Maybe it’ll spur the devs to give us more friends!

And while I’m at it, I’d really love an option to sort friends list by people who are online currently!


Me i have to keep removing old ones cuse i keep geeting new ones that are playing so ya im full but jeep make room for new one i do need more room for more friends


This has happened to me in a number of times starting back in EA… =/


yes, some sorting, categorising even perhaps would be rather helpful.

Also would be nice if we could if someone has logged in in the past ehh 3 months or so…

And of course, up the max!


me to when i complained it went from 100 to 250 and then again full they did 500 i think

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I was full but deleted people I never see on. Or delete people’s alts if they have a bunch.

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Pretty sure it’s still 250 @the-moebius

My list is full

Full, have to delete every time to add a new.

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in beta they did amp it up twice so maybe 100 150 250 i dunno lol

Me! 10 chars

Oh interesting didn’t know that

Lol, perpetually!