Post your Centraforge Setups and Technique Walkthroughs!


Since there are infinite ways to use the Centraforge, I though it would be good to have a thread for people to post their own techniques they use in the Centraforge to help people starting out with forging.

You can post something as simple as a list of the ingredients you use in your deck with a particular piece of gear, or an entire walkthrough of how you use these items as the forging process progresses.

As an example, here is my video walkthrough of how I like to forge Slingbows:


Here is my video walkthrough on how to forge a really good AOE mining hammer which I like to call Mjolnir:


I tried my bouncy feet bombs just a few days ago. It’s still a death quirk, so not feeling the ‘no big deal, it’s just bouncy feet’ vibe in your vid.

My preferred method uses lots of paste. My deck consists of pure boon 1 & 2, 2 gums of choice, invig paste 2, protect paste 2, stability paste 2, vigour cat 2, boon transmute, and the setting resin. This is mostly for creating AOE tools by getting mag collector and AOE lvl 4, then clearing with vigour cat, then dropping as many points as possible on to damage, using transmute to ensure the third boon is damage. This takes advantage of the fact that there are only two special tool boons, and since you can only have three boons, it doesn’t matter what the third is since transmute keeps the points when switching boons. Stability can be halted entirely or even added to when adding the second set of gums, and vigour can be added to on bad hits using pure boon 1. Throughout the process, invig and protect paste should be loaded all the time. This deck keeps all attributes of the forge balanced while also avoiding both quirks and defects.


You are right, I just tried using a piece of gear with Bouncy Feet and jumping on normal ground damaged me! That one is definitely a deal breaker.


Pretty sure they’re working on that one, though