Post Your Screenshots!


Captial of Marvoni!!! Test (me and the Shadow Drakes)

I am standing on my house and you all know how â– â– â– â–  mine would be :wink:

well we were ~ 10 mins ago …


capital again!!!

Thanks @Merln (if your Merlyn) :wink:


No prestige wars on testing! Please… Hahah… but it was a nice looking town with I visited a while back. Great job on the nice village. Congrats.


the war is on waahooo bring on the duw


Has prestige been updated so fancy builds that use more simple wood blocks can have the same prestige level as gem blocks?


It shouldn’t be! Expensive resources should give more prestige! I want my decorative gem blocks to show off my awesomeness!


Being a bit silly of course, I don’t know how prestige is calculated I haven’t ever paid that close attention to it honestly. I will have to start since the prestige wars will surely be on!


To paraphrase a post from a year ago I saw, a replica of Yggdrasil should give just as much prestige as a gem tower >.>. There should be a way to boost regular block prestige.


The debug menu shows a lot of useful info on the calculation actually. There is a “base prestige” that simply adds up the fixed prestige value of each block. Then there is a multiplier that is calculated from various other factors, like what percentage of the blocks are chiseled, what percentage of the blocks are “exotic”, how much block variation there is, etc. I won’t pretend to fully understand how that calculation is done, but if you’re trying to optimize prestige, it can help to play with the debug menu open and try out a few things to see the impact.

One tip I can give: one of the multiplying factors relates to how “compact” your build is, you can actually increase your prestige some simply by removing any unused plots from the beacon


Ballz of gleam



Good bye Portal Hub in Therka Market that will never be used!
(Because it took me 6 months to overcome the worst blank page syndrome and finally finish it.)


So a farewell shot from Grump Tower, looking out over what’s been home for about 15 months - Therka Market.
And, of course, the cheeky Square Enix Collective logo that I built at the start of the year :wink:


Finally I think I am really really done. Added a gleam Obelisk with the (maybe) longest dropping lava falls in the old universe. The Lava drops from an altitude of 171 and ends at an altitude of 66. Located inside the Obelisk of course.

View from the top looking at the rest of my build

The golden tip

Lava falls start at the top and end at the bottom



Ok the new gleam doors make great screens or windows. .




It would be great if we could have some that don’t interact too so we can use them for that purpose.


I was not fond of them at first, but I can see a lot of applications now. Especially since they give a slight glow in the dark and can be the color of any gleam.

I was thinking about putting in a lock, but it can be hard to hide them and they are not pretty to look at.



my b-day present and my testserver base


All these awesome screenshots are making my work day fly by. Here are some of my pictures from Ineffable Isle and my unfinished mothership.

Its been a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to starting new projects. :smiley: