Post Your Screenshots!


I’m starting something on Malurialakrib. Not sure what it will be yet.

Random travel shots of naturally generated landscapes:



Return of the chimes!


Screenshots please :smiley:


I will be back here with them when it’s done :slight_smile:


full metal jacket
27 gold and 20 titanium from the visible nodes only in that small spot


Working on the plumbing at Chateau Excelsior (Maryx)! Plus 2 ski jumps added .20181125213649_1|690x388



I wish you picked up more speed for jumps like that.

Myself and @Scratchnwiff were messing around with ice, and made a vertical drop from 256 build height down to the ground, with a slide and half pipe at the bottom.

It was all very anticlimactic. You basically come to a stop far quicker than we anticipated. I still got a kick out of removing the ice for @Scratchnwiff’s attempt though.


Don’t forget ‘Pseudo Sculptor’.


New Bakery show I’ve build in my streams this weekend :

Started from a Schema I mad in MagicaVoxel, but as usual … changed it completely while i was building. Think it still turned out pretty nice!


Awesome grats


Is not like I’m a great builder. But this place is like my second home lately :slight_smile:

The workshop

The stone factory

The shop (Still a lot of work to do on the ceiling)

My balcony. To take a break and look at the lake. I love it.

And the outside view


good old stoneshop =)


New jump course always fun at Chateau Excelsior


First thing ive forged in this game. Heh!


Was putting up the Christmas tree in my own home, today, and decided that my Boundless “home” could use a little holiday cheer, as well. :slight_smile:


Oooooh I’d love to order one of those! :star_struck:


was standing in my tower and suddenly felt like in some sort of ancient moon-ritual :smiley:


oh wow that looks nice. If I can get my storage sorted I will be doing Christmas decorations too. :slight_smile: Hope the devs come with something nice for the season.