Post Your Screenshots!


After getting lost in the endless labyrinth of portals and shops I’ve gone back to my home planet in Maryx and begun settling in :blush:
It feels good to build again!


looking awesome. Iam looking forward to seeing some passionate building xD


NYUUDLES <3 to see you back!!


!!! Welcome back!


Holy ■■■■, it’s a new era


it’s good to be back! ^^ and even better to see that some of you guys are still here :,)


@Nyuudles great to have ya back!!! :peace_symbol::purple_heart::boundless:


I’m honestly not sure what something like this is worth. ^-^; They are fun to make, though, so if you have any particular colors in mind, I can gather the necessary materials and create one for you (you may have to provide the Refined Gold block if you wish to use one as a topper, as I have very few of these and require them for recipes).

The large tree in my screenshot is 13 blocks high and is 5 wide/5 deep with approximately 25 ornaments. I’ve made a couple of smaller ones for our little community since yesterday (one is 7 high/3w/3d, and the other is 8 high/3w/3d), if something of that height is preferable.

Feel free to visit Lasha’s Woodland Market ([PS] Biitula Hub, the SE Corner portal on the uppermost tier) if you’d like to take a closer look at the trees before making any decisions. To see the smaller ones, exit the front of the shop and ascend the small ramp to your left; there’s one in front of the Temple, and another next to the bus stop. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to seeing what they have planned, as well! I suspect that my baby hunter is going to be quite busy. :slight_smile:


Welcome back, @Nyuudles! Looking forward to seeing your builds.

Spewing forth more of my love for Little Japan. Here are some shots I took tonight;

                        ########Sanctum help new players.#########

If you need basic stuff, come at Sanctum on sochaltin planet.

Take this portal on Lamblis, in Portal Seekers. (Upper Plaza Market)

And find peace in Sanctum.

Please be respectful of my intentions…





i live on maryx asswell i try find you lol


I actually started moving over to Biitula now ^^’ Maryx was getting too peaceful for me haha. I’m kind of nearby the yggdrasil settlement! I’d love to stop by and see your city or village though :0 I still go to maryx to hack all the trees :smiling_imp:


If you’re ever feeling oriental, @Nyuudles, we’d love you to come build something in Little Japan.


Hey Nyuudles.
I came to Biitula hoping to find your settlement to say “hi”, because your Spire on Omoson that was featured in a game-trailer got me to buy the game. I’d love to talk about creative process.

Anyway, I got lost pretty quickly on Biitula.
Still, I hope to get the chance to see what you’re doing.

Anyway, here are two screenshot of my lil’ workshop in the settlement Crimson Pebble Burrow on Arie :

I feel like I could now try to build something that’s actually impressive.


Not all Ski jumps are created equal, this one rocks!


Now that’s hunting :slight_smile: