Post Your Screenshots!


I had my first go at forging a slingbow


Slow progress but getting there with the new workshop. :slight_smile:

The view from A256:

The green foliage will be the top of the relevant machine.

The pink foliage is me planning out to make sure the coils all fit. :slight_smile:

View from upper mezzanine (as yet unconnected):

From where this all started; an unfettered view of space while crafting:

There’s even a view of the sky from the coil repair tedium bunker!

The view from gleam signs used as windows which started this space base bug on Testing:

Black glass infestation starting to eat away at the structure (will be used outside too, I think):

View from the back end with stairs and current front door:


Stairs (favourite thing in the build for some reason) and viewing deck area:

Viewing deck area in daytime:

I know it’s just a glorified warehouse but I’m enjoying the roominess, views and lighting a lot. Just need a few levels on my crafters now so they can get the required protection by which time I should be finished with the fine touches and ready to move in. :slight_smile:

Edit: the effort for the underlit floor was definitely worth it.


My village in progress ^^


Man that’s sweet!


The floating tower looks really cool.
I just might pop around to check-it out, if that’s ok. :3
Where do we have to go to see it?


My newest project is coming along. Ships are so time consuming to build, especially the front and backs!

Also, Nyuudles, where is that at? Looks amazing! I wanna come pay a visit, our buildstyles are quite similar, just different colors! (New Springfield on South side PS Gloviathosa Hub if you wanna see)


Had to post new screenshots:

then moments later:

I LOVE the reflections <3


It’s in biitula! i’m planning on opening portals to it once I build some shops.


I wanna come take a look right now :smiley:


I’m still roaming the known worlds :wink:


I’m not an anime fan but I can appreciate the effort it took to make this!


Or this.


Where is that!


really nice job on the shading…great talent right there! :+1: A+++


That is in Gyosha Ophin. Ultima US East Main Hub.


Beautiful town, especially at night (think it is still the capitol).

Just checked, it is not the capitol any longer…


How have I missed these? They are great! I need to go see them in person :blush::blush::blush::+1:


I’ve been there! Very beautiful place.


For all the emerald miners out there


Nice rabbit hole to do meteor from.