Post Your Screenshots!


Holy moleee! I went through a portal in Finata and the whole floor was moving! :open_mouth::smile::star_struck:


Ya beat me to it… probably would have been another month before I actually built one though lol


Great build I came across just outside the new leyden mall.
Also well worth a walk around inside.


Yea, that’s @ghandymarshall 's. It’s an epic build and the views from the balconies are almost just as epic. :slight_smile:


Any tips on how to get here? Directions?


Take any portal that gets you to New Leyden Market, Gellis and look behind the portals. You can’t miss the great big black tower.

There’s a handy portal on the red level of Ultima HQ’s Portal Hub on Finata.


Shot from the top of one of the test server worlds!


Those are some awesome colors.


I think I recognise that as Orthanc from the lord of the rings, the tower that Saruman lives in

Also don’t mind me just geeking out


feeling small with that planets in the background


great screenshot! Is that nebula class starship landing?


USS Voyager. Intrepid Class. :nerd_face:


Chateau Excelsior’s new power room and a shot of my screen showing zero coin per footfall Plus my footfalls havn’t changed in TEN WEEKS





The Ark’n’Art’s Workshop


Some pictures from Quebec to Sorissi. Do not hesitate to come and say hello. You can find us by the US East main hub of Gyosha Ophin, Finata Shopping Alley and Bitula portal seeker :slight_smile:


I guess it’s about time to take some flowers home with the upcoming update :grinning: :+1:


building… but what?