Post Your Screenshots!


Proud of this achievement :grin:
I love this awesome game! :smile:


I am edging on 1500 myself :slight_smile: play hard


Lovestruck Event Booth in the Gyosha Mall by Major :heart:





I dug a hole!
It was fun.


plot it and call it something, kinda tourist attraction

The Abyss ?
Or simply The Hole ? :wink:

Oh, I know. I would call it The Coin Sink.
And a sign for visitors: If you didnt know where all the tax money is going, it’s here. (We dont take responsibility for results of jumping in).


I was thinking more along the lines of “bank balance”.

It is actually gonna be an exhaust vent type hole for my up and coming top-side rocket

here’s a smaller neighbouring service hole…a sign of things to come :slight_smile:


missiles with corruption or dark or blink or oort warheads, I guess?


no, no, no…it’s all love and rockets here, sending a message of hope(y) into the stars


heart shaped rock peaceheads so


Found this amazing Workshop idea in the Fire Lotus Forge!


Yea, Thats Luckylotus in game, has some nice builds around also


I might have to flatter them by s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ borrowing that idea :blush:


STEALING the idea tonight. Time to remodel my home for the 4th time in 3 months!


It never end :wink:


I always remodel over and over again. my neighbor thinks i’m crazy. just finished remodeling the city hub again also for the 4-5th time. I like the change!


nothing superficial in Besevrona … nature takes care of decorating


Oh! That’s pretty much how I live on Seginiaki!