Post Your Screenshots!


Don’t mind of I do…


Went to check out @Mittekemuis and @Nyuudles build :slight_smile:
i took some screenshots from that awesome visit .


Something to do on a Saturday morning :slight_smile:


Thank you for stopping by. How is your interview project going? I went looking for it a few days ago but I have u playable connection in all major portal hubs


Been taking a bit time off with that (kids). Got a lot of interviews ready tough ^^.


my first and only base needed some new colours! loving the new look and vibe ^^


Newly added - base on Mulariakrib nearby gleam deposits. Shallow lake at the foot of the settlement sees a lot of roadrunners (stout and strong). 1 block deep waters help fighting spitters as they drown trying to get you. My favorite spitter hunt spot by a mile. You go through elite ones even with weaker alts.


this is dope :smiley:


Come celebrate the love at restaurant!!!

A restaurant with ‘Panoromantic view’! Romance menu, quality food for an affordable price.

The restaurant is on sochaltin, near the sanctum, behind little tiny ant.

to find us go to PS lamblis and take the ‘new Cydonia’ portal

or on sochaltin hubbit network

or go check trip advisor!

G.A.T.E community was happy to meet you.

[PS: this would be a good thing if in game we could share reviews on same style as trip advisor but reserved for the boundless univers and these citizens.]

and if you find a crater instead of the restaurant, we are sorry that this is a critical mistake in forging system that lies just below… but sometimes love makes your heart explode. :heart::bomb::broken_heart:


Lol. That last pic. Looks a lot like my cabin in real life :grin:


All hail the spiky lobster.


I’ve been censored…lolololol


These hands look like metal. Is your Oortling the first android? Or should I call it oortoid?
(maths: 1,000 refined titanium, 360 dark glass, 180 cogs, 244 tech devices, 488 tech fragments and 972 tech remnants, also 36 cotton for the pants; 7,200 power and 500,000 spark required, crafting time is 14 days)


just found that place! neat pic! Oh I meant the "pants’ screenshot


Happy you liked it! :hugs:
The underground is still a mess. I wish I had more time to play and finish it properly.


The guy on the left is a little camera shy. xD




That’s awesome.