Post Your Screenshots!


oh man! I want to live there :heart_eyes:

probably taken by cuttletrunks or spitters already though…


good picture!


Been there…done that.


You’re missing 4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I admire everyone who has the stamina to run around the planets to fill that atlases



Its actually pretty quick if ypu have max agility and know what you doing :smiley:


Lava worlds are pain though.


Yeap. I love 1000x1000 block lavalakes. Haha


Lava aint that bad :wink:

I see it when i sleep though…


as much as I loved making this place i’m debating on to sell it or dismantle it block by block


I love it! Where is that!
Always thought i would make something like this myself but im always filling my atlases haha


alder u can get there from the eldrid school of the gifted portal in the ultima mall or through the little japan portal hub


I wished you could pick it up and place it next to mine :joy: why would you dismantle it?


I hit up @james pretty hard on possible simple blueprint solutions to allow moving!!! Maybe it turns into a feature over time…


My issue with blueprints where you actually move the build. I build on a nice safe level 1 and then move it to a level 5 where it would have taken more time since mistakes take more time to remove and I might get a prestige bump for the blocks that are foreign to the new planet. Seems like a cheat to me.


I agree on this.

They would have to think this through. You also have the ones that will build this massive 10mil prestige build and all of a sudden plop right beside a city to steal it. This would create so many more ways to grief.


Yes we can find a way people cheat or abuse some system in each and every thing we think of. Obviously things like this would be considered. Also who says it was an instant copy and place. Lastly, moving between planets is harder and they don’t have a solution compared to a local copy.

But this is not a thread to have that conversation on.


I’m going to start a new build soon and this place is holding up 900 plots.


Wow, it looks like an amazing build from the pictures; I’ll have to check it out the next time I hop on. I would offer to buy it or at least hold it for you, but I don’t have nearly enough plots for that in addition to my own builds D:

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your next build going to be?


I made a post about it before it has a picture of the layout. I managed to get the layout of iron forge from world of Warcraft I’m going to use that layout to make a floating island it’s such a massive build that I need to grab all my plots that I have put there and put them toward this project. I thought about making the actual buildings from iron forge but most of them are not directly N E S W so the time to recreate them is more than what I’m willing to put into it.