Post Your Screenshots!


hmmm - cant see it; the other screenshots you made for miner’s bluff topic, when you have the shoot of your huge hammer and road - I’m to the right from there over a ridge; thats not the same direction here is it?


This is only slightly off the right of the other shot. You can still see the monuments to the left of the shot and if you follow that up the hill towards the middle of the shot, your place (I think) is just behind the floating island here …


that makes sense now - thanks :sunglasses:


put down first few stones for the StretchBound - a new road-to-be


StretchMore, a road building sister company of ArkeBound incorporated


ArkeBound Rising


a pink rising it is :smile:


@Scratchnwiff standing in-front of a 49 block Warp;

Me being that creepy guy in the pool;


Naxie’s Garden has come a long way since it got found by the devs and we we’re working on the portal hub :smiley:


I was just there a couple of days ago. I haven’t seen you around in a long while @SilberB, but I still love that garden! (even though I get lost in there like the damn Shining)


I get lost alot myself… like there is so many changes to it everyday.

And im mainly on Munteen now working on a “Secret” project


Love the garden, visit from time to time.



What a beautiful place.

The people living there must be creative geniuses!


There are so many talented builders in this game.


The dude in the Sanctum and I have made a pact and become one.




What is that?

Is that…

Oh my.

It has begun.

Is there something keeping me from building a bridge across an entire world?



Too much refined stone has gone into this already… (Thanks @Kawwak for the mastercrafting :stuck_out_tongue:)

Edit: Almost forgot this.


Damn hippies and their rainbow feel-good planet!

jk ^^ that’s awesome… I’ve seen that once or twice b4… never thought to take a pic though lol