Post Your Screenshots!


Dyab0lix Tower 2.0 @ New Nixia


That’s a really good use of perspective, among other things. I can see the chisel shapes you used on the skull there, and I know it’d look very different at eye level but it takes on a much more unique shape from the ground.


That’s a great idea. Easy repairs, but if spanners get Aoe them not so great. Lol


Awesome. Did you make the red and black place beside ark n arts?


No i didnt, but that place is awesome.


Yes it is. So is yours. They have a similar style. I really like them both. Maybe I’ll have to add to the tower of power. It could use a grand kings chamber.


@uni3k well done! I’m digging it. We need more dark builds in this game!


Thanks, you can probably see a fair bit of your influence in this one. You inspired the use of hidden gleam to make the highlight colours pop. So thank you!


Awesome! I feel honored. It looks great!


If you are looking for a dark build to check out, you can find THRAXXIA via PS Hub on Tana VII.


Here are a few random shots of my T2 planet main base shots, an absolute work in progress. I’ve modeled loosely after Horizon Zero Dwn Oseram villages!





It’s getting there!



Revamped the store. Come check it out.
Restocked my hammers yesterday too.


just some screenshots


That shark is amazing! I had to double take to make sure it was actually blocks. Nice!


Your “just some screenshots” are amazing and very inspirational thanks !