Post Your Screenshots!


love it
sugest it as new enemy would love to meet this thing ingame :grin:
i might buy it for the aquatopian titan ship if that ever become a thing lol


That shark is epic.


LAMENTO exoworld Tier7 from testing server, before it vanish.


I am so ready for exoworlds. That place looks awesome


Ugg…Lava World…I should have expected that :slight_smile: The rest looks supurb!!


Grappling around the terrain on the right of the pic was really fun. :blush:


A little disappointed in the look of the testing exo worlds but hopefully some more unusual varieties will turn up.
Most looking forward to seeing some great new coloured blocks


my little store “Color your world” in Quebec Mall :slight_smile:


Thought the shark was concept art :joy: That. Is. sick.


Exo’s will be used for a WIDE variety of things. You will see very weird planets and very mundane planets. They are going to be used for other things too as development time allows.

My best suggestion is just have patience and allow them the time to fine tune the system they have created… provide feedback and just explore what does come out…


My opinion for EXO-planets; go for it - you will enjoy it for sure :grinning::+1::+1::+1:


from some weekly adventures :baby:


The Corrupt Forge - Quebec Mall


Like always I am in awe of your skills. AWESOME :boundless:


If you allow me i add an image :stuck_out_tongue: … amazing!


Thank you very much. @Mittekemuis @passeva :grin: you should both try your hand at the Reaper trials. You don’t have to join though most people do after they making through. Had a bunch more people there last night

. It’s really fun.


And this is what you were referencing haha


Yes. Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel like I need a few good grapples before I try this out. Does sound like fun though!


No I sell copper grapples there. 10c each. Its better if you do the main part jumping. No double jump or high jump.