Post Your Screenshots!


I might have to make a stop by sometime then! I like a good challenge


Love the light on Maryx , the stone is Maryx dark grey but looks almost bronze.


Here is my new workspace , minus coils , I’ve got to stop building and make some coin for coils lol .


already some renovations in Quebec Mall to try to adjust the mall to all these wonderful stores


What you love I don’t like very much ^^ How can grey turn in to bronze :smiley: Awesome work though! Keep the screenshots coming


Built this on stream last night at took me way longer than it needed to and I even destroyed it and moved it to the right 10 blocks afterwards… Still a WIP :+1:

I’m terrible at building staircases but I’m proud of this one. Simple and serves it’s purpose :joy:


Thats a nice staircase @Ovis :+1:


Nice staircase and the bridge looks pretty amazing too :slightly_smiling_face:


@Odeon + @GreyArt247 - Cheers guys :fist: Yeh that bridge took a little time to make too :joy: It will look a whole lot better when I get a couple mass crafts of Gold Blocks :ok_hand:


Looks cool. I like how it represents minimalism but still has rich detail.


Looking good. I’ll have to check it out in person again. The last time I stopped by you were just starting that bridge which is awesome! :beers:





That shark… I don’t even know what to say!!! Its frigging amazing!!! Pssh can’t buy that on eBay!


Just some more progress shots of my personal base/market, Oortenheim.

Spent a whole week working on those, and and they’re still not done :triumph:


OH YEA! I have been here! it is an amazing place! @Mittekemuis this is the place i was telling you about!


Another peaceful night of the greatest place with light. A memory, a sight, the attempt of history, the second love of my life, the place my soul continues to lie, conceptualization of an idea, the possibilities it entails withering, unable to unveil. Uncertain future for those embroiled, the choice, the clause, the poem, the words, the decent, the unheard warning about the contrarian. Is this a riddle or a rhyme?


@Mittekemuis Ah thank you very much! That is genuinely what I was going for, glad someone picked up on that :wink: :fist:

@georgegroeg Cheers bro, you defintely swing by :fist: Lots planned, watch this space :muscle:


well got anything else to do than… more storage?


Nice work;
Keep on building @Eidolus :hammer::+1: