Post Your Screenshots!


I’m going to check it out. I’ve seen lots of pictures never in person.


We should start a Boundless “Build Tour” service.


Someone did that before. I don’t think a lot of people actually joined it tho. Could have been the time it was at tho.


Yeah, I guess it would be hard to get everyone together. Would be great to be able to make screenshots and post them on a wall in game. Make a Tourist info center


Love this planet! Gotho :fist:


FInally “finished” my first real workshop of the release world. Still a couple finishing touches and a redo of the roof eventually, but I finally have something that isn’t a mud hut or a hole in the ground. :smiley:


Excalibur x 2!


Rift machined into different blocks

Compact Rift Block

Refined Rift Block

The Final Stage-Decorative Rift




I always look forward to your screenshots. You have an eye for capturing the most amazing scenes!
Beautiful, as always. :grinning:


why dont we ahve this for gems ?


Wow, those are just gorgeous! :smiley:


So awesome looking.


Vandar Tier 7 Exoworld


Tentaar’oon Tier 7 Exoworld


Lost one third of prestige , over a million, sure wish I could be creative or at least rich . At least I still have my good looks .




Gotho Tier 7 Exoworld


A nice hidden valley on Besevrona :smiley:
Exploring and gathering are worth the effort right now :mushroom::mushroom:
Thank you Dev’s :+1:


there are some lovely little spots around Besevrona…little woods with mown grass amongst rolling hills