Post Your Screenshots!


Remains of an ancient Oortian city



Did a bit gathering in Exoworld Gotho


hmmm…good idea…might go collecting some plants tomorrow…have enough blocks for future builds.


Obligatory first shop stands photo! Rift looks awfully nice there


The chance to grab some new coloured blocks is what has me most excited about the exo planets going forward

bright turquoise sand from Gotho and fuschia silty soil from Tentaar’oon

vivid green sed rock from Vandar

Wood- Stone colors on current EXO-worlds

I gathered some too, do you think are good for Eco?


Those vivid colours are good for sprucing up the place. Very nice


That turquoise sand is really nice!


Surely! ^^


Wouldn’t it be cool if the sand color we used would make a stained glass color.


Explored a bit… took some souvenirs


I can’t take credit for this build but I love the image of Link over the water.

The best forge I’ve been able to do.

Spheres are fun shapes.



Finished my workshop with storage downstairs. Now to begin the mansion up top.



Oh how I wish ps4 had water reflections




Wosh i could do that nice workshop. I usually end up putting stuff into blocks here and there then those are there forever :smiley: .
Also good colours!


warm orange lustrous from exo looks amazing

Building some storage space for my eco build


I like your lanterns


That color feels like home.


Where is this. I need to visit. :heart_eyes: