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That should not be a bug… that is brilliant and should stay as is. Not all bugs are bad.


It depends on whether that bug prevents future functions.


Problem is when that bug becomes an unwanted inconvenience where light comes through places you don’t want to :unamused:


I havent seen anyone complain about that. Probably because its difficult to do in the first place. It requires hidden chiseling. Why would you chisel something that is hidden?


I’ve sometimes seen light shine through roof due to weird chiseling, mild inconvenience but still an inconvenience.


I always wondered why light came through a closed door.


And that my friend is how you get about 58 of us big players ( the glue of your small server system) to rage quit. I will make sure I deplot All of my ■■■■, and regen it all while streaming it across every site there is possible. :wink:



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I’ll huff and I’ll puff.

This sounds just like all the ‘smaller’ players who quit for so many other things ‘big’ players say are just fine.


Even fixed the effect is still easily achievable using specific block shapes as I said, and yes would fix a lot of leaking light cases. Tbh I dont mind either way, but I do prefer consistent systems rather than one rule set for one thing and a different rule set for something else that is almost exactly the same.


Out of context extremely. Straw Manning is a weak position.


Seems to me a lot of my friends quit because of things that are unclear and didn’t even know was a problem to begin with. This is the content of my concerns I always address here. There are so many problems that need to be focused on. Perhaps you’re not upset because you don’t have a build that this would effect. This is not some stupid numbers fix. This is the build. The sole reason why many of us play this game. We use what we were given and then are told “ oh that a bug” Winky face. What a condescending emoji.


I mean, if you don’t realize how light shining through an area with no gap is a bug then that is on you, not the devs.

I do realize some people like this bug, but there is always another side to it.


My base is coming along nicely. Finally gave it a facelift.


Added a teeny bit more


Love those shots, but particularly that last one, that is really impressive! :smiley:


I indeed do like it. Just like most doors in this game have bars or windows. What happens to those door in real life when a light is behind it? What do you do then? Make some door allow light through and some don’t? Is this possible?


ah, the bridge roof is done!
night shots do like great there


Start building on Norkyna