Post Your Screenshots!


Instead of threatening the developers, how about we ask them to fix all bugs and then develop a feature that gives us things we are asking for like the glowing walls, etc.


I like that roof-pattern very much;
very nice design :+1::+1:


True. I was pissed. Still am about the condescending tone that was set. That is what I’m mad about. Personally this would effect me and dozens of others I know. They want it to flow like water? Water doesn’t even look right when you put glass up against it. How about fixing that. Also I do post everything I think should be worked on. So his comment was a surprise as to it has been a bug. Everyone I originally played with has quit. Not due to they got bored. They got upset at sudden changes. The fact that more bugs usually happen during every update makes it worse. Chat has gotten worse for example. I don’t get my messages half of the time. Fix that. I can go on for a while but I’m sick and over giving my opinion. I stand by my word. As for some others I know they will too.



Some potato salad for y’all


Welcome to the new and improved [PS] Trung Gateway!


That’s brilliant, love it! Great design, that inspires me… :slight_smile:


Upgraded one of my guilds storage wings last over the past couple of nights… 12 columns, with 96 storage blocks in each for a total of 1152 storage blocks (or 4608 individual slots) … still 3 more storage wings left to rebuild :laughing:


I wish I had the motivation to build myself a proper storage area. I just can’t get off building the cool stuff in my town!


It had to be done… I originally used green storage blocks, but they no longer fit with the theme of the rest of the build. I need to redo the floor at some point too :weary:


we have the block changing chisel - now we need one changing color of blocks lol


An Oortbrush if you will :sweat_smile:


you can never have too much storage :sunglasses:
main workshop area (just changed to white storage blocks and shop stands)

secondary area


and more


I feel down a shaft ones and ended up in your storage. Its immense and beautiful at the same time


ah another nomad with half finished house welcome to the club been trying to have a finished house since beta :joy:


I mean I house tonnes of houses finished in my town but no proper storage area to cater for it :sweat_smile::thinking: I’ve planned to build a storage room for weeks but I just cba planning and do all that digging reeee


was using the trade network to find a load of thorn and it pointed me to this place on biitula (beacon name was Bearish I think)…lovely build.
Don’t always have to be big to impress.


I love this game. Chiseling is such an amazing feature!

Still WIP but coming along so fast!


Yeah once you start chiselling it goes fast. It looks awesome. I am glad you found the joy in the game again :slight_smile:


Great work on that, and those are both gorgeous shots! :smiley:



And yeah, I am very glad too. Everyone was right, you just gotta outlast the other players and stuff will eventually be all good again!

@bucfanpaka Thanks! Sadly gotta take most of my shots during night cause refined blocks reflect too much light during the day, making the castle look a bit weird atm.