Post Your Screenshots!


clearly looking to store a LOT of tallow I see.


If they start making them in 255 colours, I’ll start making some more storage containers lol


okay its a gif… a screenshot wouldnt give it justice :wink:
New logo and LEDS in Sasquatchville today

Props to LaserTech for the Squatch Party piece using the clan logo :wink:


Oh wow, that is great Lesioui!! :smiley:


Its look like the Kaktus-Mob from Final Fantasy! :slight_smile:


Cactuar is what I thought of too


Taking a soak in Sasquatchville’s hot tub… :sunglasses: Perfect Oortian vacation spot!


The quality of life is increasing in Quebec. After a shopping center, locals can now go to the restaurant. The mayor of Quebec has mentioned that he will invest even more on entertainment


A week ago the beacon dropped around the Gyosha PS hub. The Reapers guild found and gave the exterior a little make over. The awesome people a PS were kind enough to remove a few portals to accommodate our 4 giant cross portals. One coming to the Tower of Power in Adler.
One going to Sanctuary in Beckon.
One going to TNT in Circarpous and hopefully the last going to Beseverona.
I’m hoping this will revitalize this hub. And help people get around a little quicker. I want to try and get in touch with people around to organize some roads as well. If you have plots there and want to help. Let me know. :handshake::+1::beers:


This is awesome, and love the combination of two great guilds.

NEW IDEA, A build that every guild has a few plots in.


I’d be in for that. Keep me posted. As of right now I have 0 plots. Lol. As usual.


I’d lend the Reapers a few.


omg for the first time I found that gleam hand on dry land


Gellis Prime founded september 17th 2018 is still here =)
people come, people go, gellis prime is still there :smiley:


And I love the pastel spectrum lighting. Still don’t know how you did that.


The Gyosha gateway is just epic… nice work, my compliments to the creators. :slight_smile:


I love this Quimby! Im building something like this as well.


Not sure if it’s a combo of Colored ice n gleam with proper chiseling or white ice with different gleam and chisel work. Tho Im sure it wasn’t easy to do either way.

If it’s white ice the spacing between the gleam would probably have to be just right to get that effect.


Yeah I saw! Really looking forward to what you are creating, love when people build in medieval style, whether it’s more fantasy style or not :ok_hand: can always snatch some ideas from it regardless. Not too many of us medieval builders around.


I’m rather surprised theres not a lot of fantasy medieval builds, but Boundless does provide a great platform for Cyberpunk builds, based on the many gleam cities i’ve seen.

Also I completely scrapped what I made. Here’s the remodel so far: