Post Your Screenshots!


That is really great! That top shot is one of my favorite screenshots I’ve seen, that is perfect, between the build and the setting. Nice work! :slight_smile:


I’ve also been working on my own medeviil build on Malurialakrib of all places, but its extremely early WIP

Few of the tower designs in Magica Voxel:

Click to expand


About time you started building brudda :joy: Hail the king!

@MusicalMystery haha, indecisive much? :sweat_smile: either way, looking gucci :ok_hand:


Good morning from Circarpous!

please ignore my embarrassing death penalty…lol


@Fondername0 I’m always walking with death penalty :smiley:
If you are playing on PC just press f10 to hide the interface
@Vansten, majestic great tower, looking forward for building progress


On ps4 if you plug in a keyboard you can also press F10 to hide the hud


and that sunrise happens in the West…


There is a lot of excitement about the upcoming farming , this is my first attempt at a green house . It’s green so I’m off and running. Come to Chateau Excelsior on Maryx and check it out , it’s still under construction so changes are possible .I need more gold chisels lol.



Quite the Ninja poses you got going on there. Should change your name to ‘Night-Shuriken’.


I was checking this out with NightManager but after I got that awesome shot I just HAD to do one for Nightstar too.


Check out the screenshots from the very beginning of this post in 2016*

Simply GORGEOUS!!!

Thanks @Stretchious for the early view of old weapons and tools!!


Now i want a stick :cry:


How about some super-necro post about farming? :grin::grin::grin:


A wall of shelves wouldn’t work here but these angled columns each hold 18 shelves for 36 total .


A tree canopy with curious sun rays on exoplanet Ropagitta


I was just getting my footfall coins from my beacons when i suddenly saw this empty spot and started building it freestyle.
Spend around hour to do this. We will see what i come up with this . Haha


Building Wild - Nice @Buugi :boundless:


Thx. Have few ideas that i wanna test with this


Ha! That’s what I do most of the time - see a natural feature and feel the urge to use it.
Free style.