Post Your Screenshots!


You’re such a good builder!


When you dont overthink this kinda just happens at least for me.
just put on some good music and place blocks.

And thx


Made a + on the world xD



I’m biased of course, but my home planet of Alder is still my favorite in the Oortiverse, mainly because my planetary neighbors are building cool stuff like this - :slight_smile:


So I’ve had a few people visit my lonely planet of Lutrion recently and tell me on how much they love the look of my little “city”. Now of course like most I am my own biggest critic and I consider myself an over enthusiastic yet very amateur builder at best. I always see the flaws and mistakes made in each individual build and never step back to appreciate the way it looks from a distance. I guess this is the beauty of building alone, despite very different styles the buildings do seem to “belong” together.

Anyway enough of me trying to justify to myself why I’m showing off to people I don’t know…just take a look before I do something silly to ruin it like building a giant ol’ Gleemis tower in the middle. Here is the culmination of my time spent learning how to build in Boundless and in the process accidentally creating a little wee village.

The original home and builds, please just ignore the blocks going to the sky for getting started my viewing platform started!:

The beginnings of a new home (a work in progress):

That mesh limit is killing me sadly… I hate the though of having to remove some of my earliest chicseeling efforts but I would love to be able to take a proper screenshot!


I thought chiseled blocks were still blocks and did not contribute to the mesh limit? Is this not true?


How many plots there is. Looks a lot


Honestly i’m not sure. I just assumed that it was the cause of me loosing textures at such a short distance… if it’s block count then I am most definitely not fixing that!

@buugi… let me check quickly and I’ll let you know, haha

ok it’s 1,329 plots on the settlement with just under 500 alone between 2 beacons on the monstrosity on the lake which is barely the begininning of what I pictured in my mind when I started building it… we will see how that goes. Due to my lack of any sort of planning so far I have absolutely no Idea how to proceed next but I’m sure inspiration will one day strike and construction will commence with a flurry of swearing at chisels and my bad grappling.


If nothing have change, chiseled block are still block, not mech.


Ok so you mean that it is the block count alone that affects my rendering distance?


Here is a answer from Luca from another thread, about the poor blockrendering distance.


Thankyou very much for the information,


Hello neighbor. :grin: thanks for sharing. Come back anytime.


Thanks!! :slight_smile: Really great work, very creative and impressive! I’ll be back for sure!


What planet are you on? I always like checking out other peoples builds. If you ever want a portal let me know I’m sure I can build one somewhere for you.


Thanks, appreciate it! :smiley: I’m on Alder, Elysian Fields, portals here through the TNT hub, Sasquachville, Quebec, and a few others. Have a 2X1 portal I’m considering switching to something else actually, as I haven’t really been using it and others don’t seem to be either, right in my shopping area. If you ever have a free one of that size let me know and I’ll swap it!


When I get on i’ll find a spot for you. Would you prefer to be close to the other portals. Or perhaps a nice view?


Thanks! :slight_smile: Near to other portals would be great, my place is a big WIP, nothing special, but I am trying to make it a place that is welcoming to newcomers. Getting them access to portal networks is helpful.

Edit: I can afford another 2X1 I think, so I just added another in my portal/shopping area. :slight_smile: I needed to clean up that area a bit anyways, close the forge entrance there as it was just a big hole in the ground nobody wanted to go into. I stopped by, think I saw you and was going to say hi, but then had a phone call so couldn’t chat so dashed right back out, sorry. :confused:


Awww, I love seeing parts of the community come together. Especially when I know the peeps on each end are of quality.