Post Your Screenshots!


Abstract sand sculpture tryout.


nice lighting can make sand look good, so you proved :sunglasses:


I agree, you made sand look great.


Would you jump in???

If you would (or used slopes if you will) you might look up and see…

Than you could take a look around…

Step back a bit for a better look…

Wait what’s that? Better take a closer look…

And take one screenshot for memories :smiley:

Edit: those lantern pillars are not final design, that’s actually marking border between -2303E and 2304E (iirc)


Here’s a shot of the Elop Portas team working on the new market;


Now follow the path to the Hopperdrome. The best treat is seeing Elop Portas at Night!


Sitting in repose with @QUEENNUTS in the Ancient Tech Shrine of Elop Portas…


Where did you find blue leaves?


The leaves are bright purple and they turn blue at night. Gift from the Developers.


and here i thought those were ending lol. “spirit of the game” or something like that.


The leaves were a final exception. The gifts from @james have ended.


More Pictures of Elop Portas…


I just love this post, you can see the whole evolution of Boundless over those screenshots!


Imagine post 1.0 Boundless. There will be more players with lots of these wonderful settlements all over the planets and with more dedicated builds knowing that there won’t be a server wipe coming! :heart_eyes:

PS: Griefers and hackers please stay away. Thanks.


Recently the Elop Portas team have been working on cleaning up unfinished projects, repairing roads, holes and generally making the existing place look that bit nicer.

Myself and @QUEENNUTS built this overgrown ruin in some of the open space near the Maw;

@QUEENNUTS remains the tree master of Boundless!


Your to kind Sir Pseudonun84 :blush:


The Hopperdrome in Elop Portas


I can’t wait to start decorating it. I’m still currently working on the basic structure.


Saw this for the first time yesterday. Truly the most impressive build iv’e seen yet. Was that a row of gold or copper on the inside? If it’s copper then i have an abundance that I can donate.


You guys in Elop Portas are just so much better at thematic building than me. I suppose it’s high time I though of a way to step my game up.

Oh, right. I just do quantity over quality so far… I need to finish using my plots up so I can change that.