Post Your Screenshots!


After building this I started getting some jurassic park vibes

Sincerely hope these guys don’t make their home in there :smiley:


just something i often see and i think it should be noticed because its looking awesome


LOVE this so much!


More photos! :smiley: :smiley:


This is just such a cool shot, captures the game so well… if the devs don’t do it themselves on their official account, I’d love to Tweet this one sometime (with credit of course) if you didn’t mind! :slight_smile:


In the process of making these coin efficient budget farms with good utility. You can use relatively cheap tools, the drops are decent as well. I wonder if people would people be interested if I made them public? Maybe I could connect them to an existing farm network, if I have any takers.


What planet is it on?
I love it, inspiring me for my next little build :slight_smile:


Biitula, the biggest T3 trees I could find :sweat_smile: Hopefully they really are the biggest or I’ll have to build a bigger one somewhere else :smiley:


took me a while to realize it was from beta but then i reconized the flag on me and dunes house :smiley:


from times when all the wood ingame fitted inside a single wall :smiley:

first day on release
first contest i did and my very first screenshot was pixelart contest and this was the dev’s favourite a cofemaker lol i won the game crazygoat for that and learned how to take a screenshot :joy:


Agree, I want a windmill myself


Saying goodbye to my base of 1 year. Had many good times at this location but am ready to move and build something new. Does anyone know of any good flat ground with awesome views? :grinning:


Best time i had in boundless was that launchday.


Went out mining, complete demolished an entire mountain :smiley:


looks like a great build!! a new miners guild hall like


Hey, if I can’t see the horizon then it’s not completely demolished…it’s hammer time!


Next time I will take a screenshot of a flat area and say I completely demolished a mountain :<


Smertangelsk Citadel - colorized


That is coming along quite nicely. I am super impressed with how beautiful that is.


still working out the kinks in the new workshop,this time each section has it’s own spark generator’s Plus an exterior shot