Post Your Screenshots!


I did not know you could place flowers on metal blocks. I just assumed that it would not allow placement lol

(Slowly improving storage space)


Very perceptive. Both the Igneous and Sedimentary stones are from Kol Huroo. I have a mine there just for that.
The cool blue gleam is from Kada 1. :wink:


Playing with glass textures, I wish I had the old glass texture to apply to them, love how it looked :confused:

In the background here


@jesshyland Maybe that asset still exists somewhere? I’d love to get it in the game, even if it’s just a client side mod.


Ah ok. Looks really solid build like how you have mixed deco stones! Darn i thought it was bright blue :stuck_out_tongue:


Ye i rly liked older ones. Maybe they add deco glass ???


She is working on alot xD


Wait, is that some kind of mod? How did you get the frame from those decorative rift blocks?

<opens up the “MODDING” category on the forum for the first time>


After a bit of work but still far from done xD




I wanted to split the world even more but other citys are in the way I and dont wanna force absorb them


Are you making a deathstar?

And good to hear you don’t try to take over stuff… Biitula Consortium was force merged by some group by a series of bridges intentionally designed to merge a bunch of settlements… we now are Axon.

While the guild update helped isolate settlements we still have issues with plot rows across huge areas to merge separate cities…


Axon? Krasniy’s pet project?


no just made a planet road :smiley:


I’m not sure who owns it but I also don’t know who did all the merging… it is a variety of roads so it could have been done by various people. It is just the roads are not a single plot, they are wider to intentionally merge.


20-something years later…




Popsicle boys in disguisr


Hunt with JaceyLive!


cant ya do like the united farmers
and guild tag the consortium for me that makes it it own settlement i ignore the rest
but thats just me


Wow… seriously, these shots are epic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Great job!


can you edit your post with how to get there… I couldn’t find a portal or location N/E, etc…