Post Your Screenshots!


Caption this lol


Psst… hey buddy… want some elemental shards??


Ah, I love caption pics! :smiley: Let’s see…

“The Roadrunners went thataway…”



Thank you <3


Enjoy <3


“Guuuurrrlll , did you hear what Monica did to Ross!?”


Clearing some old files out. This was some place waaaay off the grid in EA. At night it was mesmerizing. I implore someone to recreate this!



Can we just add “Cowabungaa” to those last pics :grin:


I did not put clear indications because I thought it was very straight-forward :
Go to the Portal Seeker Hub on Raxxa and search for the portal with the Raxxian Sanctuary name above. :stuck_out_tongue:

That portal will put you on the Northern Terrace, the plaza where @Jekuty sells some things from time to time. The plaza is opened for me merchants, too.

From there, you can go South to the Temple where we have our machines and storage, or to the East where we made our garden area.

The Western part is still a work-in-progress, though.


Hmmm do you have an avatar named “Raxxian Sanctuary”?


Yeah, I do have a character with that name, in one word.


This is what happens at every red light in traffic…


@majorvex @crazygirlclub @Creegle - Those are all so beautiful! I just love this thread, browsing through and seeing all the incredible screenshots. :heart_eyes:


Poor little guy, he’s been stood there for days :laughing:


you made my day with this one :rofl:


What i been wondering a while to do… starting to make my own city (hopefully some day).


Cant wait to see it :smiley:


You are welcome to build. :stuck_out_tongue: .
Im working on some stuff then prolly do a post